Barclaycard credit card without checking account

  1. Even with the free Barclaycard New Visa credit card you can withdraw free of charge Euro cash. All payments within the entire EU are also free. It is possible to pay for smaller amounts without signature or PIN. The topic of security is capitalized: So you can count in case of emergency with 500 € emergency cash. The inclusive Internet delivery guarantee ensures that you get back in case of loss or damage of your online ordered articles up to € 2,000 a year and € 1,000 per article. In addition, you get your money back when misusing your credit card without a checking account when shopping online!

    A free cash robbery insurance will also refund you up to € 500 if you are robbed within two hours of withdrawing money. You can decide for yourself whether you want to balance your account in a sum or in installments. If you settle your bill in a sum, you benefit from the fact that you do not pay interest on this credit card without an account for your transactions for up to two months.

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  3. Targobank credit card without checking account

    A big plus of this credit card without checking account: With the credit cards of Targobank you can set your own credit limit depending on personal creditworthiness . In addition, you can withdraw cash at all Targobank ATMs with the credit card for free even without a checking account. As an additional service, you will also receive a 5% discount if you book your holiday through the partner Urlaubsplus.

    Furthermore, you also benefit from flexible repayment options, in that you can settle your outstanding amounts either in full or in installments. In the event of loss, theft or misuse, no customer liability occurs if the card is immediately blocked.

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